Warehouse Pallet Racking System (Heavy Duty Pallet Racking System)

The ideal system for storage and sorting a mix of palletized goods handled by lift truck. The system consists of back to back frames connected by horizontal beams and sperated by wider or narrow aisles according to the type of lift truck used. Beam levels can be easily adjusted to accomodate any changes in apllet heights and aisle space allows direct accress to each pallet stored.


  • Aisle Width : Approximately 3 meter for each truck operations and 3.5 meter for counter blance truck operations
  • High weight capacity
  • Strong flexibility
  • Versatility
  • Strong and Secure bolted beam-to-frame connection
  • Good stock rotation
  • Limited floor area utilization
  • Available in a variety of sizes, colors and capacities
  • Good product protection