Mobile Shelving System

At Al Amal Trading L.L.C, have the perfect combination of flexibility, convenience, capacity, and safety and durability that far surpass rivaling standard, static, stationary shelving; so whatever you are looking to put on your shelves, and however you want to arrange it, we’ve got you covered.

Our high-density movable shelving systems enable you to recover 50% of your floor space or double your storage capacity. Traditional systems have fixed aisles which limit your maximum storage capacity, but our mobile systems allow you to close up aisles when you don’t need to access them. This feature eliminates wasted areas and optimizes your space. We are able to mount a variety of shelving products on the movable carriages, according to your requirements, enabling endless possibilities for uniquely customized systems to fit your organizations specific needs.


  • High-Density Movable Shelving System
  • Optimize and Customize Your Storage Space with Flexible
  • Efficient and clearly arranged storage solution
  • Fast access to the stored goods
  • Easy to install
  • Saving space and time, reducing costs
  • Development, planning, manufacturing, construction and maintenance – all from one source