Multi - Tire Racking System

Multi-tire racking system is mezzanine that is design and built via the pallet racking componets. it can be the most efficient and economical method to create extra floor space with in the building area and components. Depending on the design and load requirements its height can be maximize up until building celing height.

At Al Amal Trading L.L.C, it is guaranteed that we build our multi-tire racking system according to local building code requirements. We customize design and structure to meet your needs without compromising the safety and stability of the storage solution.


  • It can be full use of the space and save the area of warehouse
  • The floor can be decked with paywood, steel gratings, checket plate etc.
  • The rack mezzanine is safe and easy to install du to the scientific design
  • The rack messanine is suitable to store a large variety of goods