Bolt free Shelving System

Bolt free metal shelving is an excellent way to ensure that your storage units are easy to assemble, sturdy and structurally sound, without the hassles of using nuts and bolts. The advanced compression clip system of Metalware Interlok Boltless Shelving is integral to its design. The compression clips that are inserted into t-post slots of the no bolt shelving unit create a load bearing surface which support each shelf corner. With this innovative design, these boltless steel shelving units have the strength of traditional shelving units while being easier to install and move.

Bolt free Shelving is extremely durable, which makes it the economic choice for all types of storage. It is strong enough to handle a variety of weight loads, and versatile enough to be used in a number of different settings, be it a retail environment, showroom, warehouse or industrial setting.


  • Strong enough to support multi-level pick towers
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Ability to add extra shelves to increase storage room
  • Ability to add reinforcement bars to increase load capacity