Rack Support (Mezzanines Shelving System)

Shelving supported mezzanines is the creative way to create an extra work area level using standard boltless shelving components. Additional materials will be needed for the decking, stairs, and fall protection. Conveyor & Storage Solutions has experience in designing, engineering, installing, and permitting industrial shelving supported mezzanine to increase unused cubic area of warehouses and maximizes your storage capacity.

This application is ideal when you can combine storage space at the floor level and working area above. Fixed stairs shall be provided for access from one structure level to another where operations necessitate regular travel between levels, and for access to operating platforms at any equipment which requires attention routinely during operations.


  • Customized to fit your exact area, height and load requirements
  • Create new production, office, storage or assembly space, parts departments, stockrooms, records storage, work platforms, distribution centers and more
  • Take advantage of more of the vertical cube, make better use of your existing space, gain room to optimize and grow
  • Professionally engineered and designed to meet all building codes