Mezzanines Racking System

Mezzanines allow optimum use of empty overhead space by transforming it into usable storage area. Depending on the highet of the facility, a mezzanine can be one or two or more tires. Unlike conventional steel constructions, modular mezzanines can be easily extended, modified or relocated. These are typically fitted with staircases, handriles, safety gates and grating floors.

At Al Amal Trading L.L.C, it is guaranteed that we build our mezzanines according to local building code requirements. We customize design and structure to meet your needs without compromising the safety and stability of the storage solution.


  • Creates additional storage space above existing work areas from unused vertical space
  • Structural steel construction - safe, strong and secure
  • Modular, Customizable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to resize or move
  • Can drive lift trucks underneath